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Photo credit: Brigitte Lindner


Creativity and innovation make successful societies. Effective intellectual property protection contributes to this success. Intellectual property rights give creators and innovators a chance to make a living from their work and foster individual expression, its distribution and exchange. International human rights instruments recognise the importance of scientific, literary and artistic production for society by protecting both the freedom of opinion and expression and the right to culture, which includes the protection of the moral and material interests of the authors of such productions.

However, intellectual property protection has in some instances generated controversy, due to the challenges faced by those expected to achieve high standards of IP protection often not commensurate with their means as a result of the demands of industrialisation. Such concerns can be addressed by ensuring that the implementation and application of intellectual property strikes a fair balance between the interests of creators and innovators and the public at large and respects the particular requirements of national cultures and infrastructures. ADALPI is ready to assist in creating a stimulating working environment for creators and innovators, thus contributing towards building a country’s cultural and scientific heritage for the benefit of society as a whole.

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