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Photo credit: Carolina Caneira


Association Internationale pour le Développement de la Propriété Intellectuelle

The International Society for the Development of Intellectual Property

ADALPI is a not-for-profit organisation based in Geneva which brings together experienced professionals who share an interest in promoting the value of creativity and innovation. Our aim is to help shape an environment in which the flourishing work of creators and innovators can be sustained and economically rewarded, including through the benefits of a balanced protection of intellectual property.

We provide a forum for the exchange of know-how and expertise in a convivial atmosphere across borders and offer tailor-made practical support upon request. We work worldwide with a particular focus on Africa, Asia and Latin America and participate in the international debate as an accredited permanent observer at WIPO.

ADALPI comes as a friend with hands-on experience.

You will find more information about us, our activities and future plans in the following pages.