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Photo credit: Mali by Barbara Callender


ADALPI pursues a pragmatic approach in its work. The inter-disciplinary forum offered by ADALPI allows all those who come in touch with intellectual property, first and foremost creators and innovators and other beneficiaries of intellectual property rights, but also lawyers, teachers, library and information specialists, technology experts and advisors with sector-specific knowledge, psychologists or philosophers to engage actively with each other and understand different viewpoints. In particular, this approach enables us to listen carefully to those who represent their local culture and learn about the social, economic and cultural conditions in which work is created and shared. This joint effort enables us to tailor balanced solutions through a constructive dialogue based on the exchange of ideas, know-how and expertise.

ADALPI’s activities are funded primarily through member contributions as well as donations from governmental sources, private donors and philanthropic foundations. This guarantees objectivity and quality-driven results.

For further information on individual programmes provided by ADALPI click here and visit our Activities page.