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Photo credit: Roger Chevallaz


World Intellectual Property Day 2021

In celebration of World Intellectual Property Day on 26 April 2021 with a focus on the value of IP protection for small and medium-sized enterprises, ADALPI specifically invites small businesses owning IP as well as individual creators and inventors to apply for support in protecting their intellectual property rights under its initiative ‘IP Lawyers 4 All’.

IP Lawyers 4 All matches IPR-holders with suitably skilled participating IP lawyers who are prepared to act ‘pro bono’ in cross-border cases where a clear need for access to justice exists. For further information visit the dedicated website at

You may be eligible for support if:

  • You are an inventor, creator or a small business owning IP;
  • Your IP has been used abroad in ways you did not approve; and
  • You seek legal advice or representation, but cannot afford to pay.

Please submit your application using the form at:

For terms and conditions of the IP Lawyers 4 All scheme please visit:


Photo credit: Emma Quin

ADALPI Secretariat

ADALPI turns 10 years old in 2020. Barbara Callender, who was instrumental in conceiving the concept of ADALPI and co-founded the organisation, has been General Secretary throughout this period. She has now decided to hand this responsibility over, and Katie Webb, who has been actively involved in ADALPI for many years, is taking Barbara’s place. Katie brings a wealth of expertise and experience in authors’ rights and copyright in general. We are delighted to see such a competent pair of hands taking over; Barbara remains an Honorary Member of ADALPI.